Designed to Deliver Results

Think all fitness classes are the same?  Think again.  At The Factory, our group classes are designed and led by our hand-picked team of trainers, creating an atmosphere of excellence.  We can help you change your body composition, improve your overall health and wellness, and sharpen athletic performance.

High Intensity Interval Training

Looking to increase metabolism and burn fat efficiently and quickly?  High-intensity interval training is for you.  Using our technique, you give 100% effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short recovery periods - and you get extreme results with an efficient workout.

Resistance Training

Having a hard time getting out of bed in the morning?  Train your muscles to work more efficiently, and improve your ability to move through activities of daily living with Resistance Training. We use TRX Suspension Training, ropes, bands, and free weights or kettlebells to sculpt and strengthen. This is functional fitness at its best. 


Based on the training methods used by world-class boxers, BOXFIT utilizes pad and bag work, jump rope, and boxing drills to improve coordination and core strength - all focused on fitness and toning.

Boot Camp

If you're looking to reduce excess body weight, improve cardiovascular endurance, and increase lean muscle mass, all within a team atmosphere, our Boot Camp is for you.  Boot Camp is a full-body cardiovascular and strength workout done as a team, in an encouraging motivational setting.

Ready To Get To Work?

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